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VietNam BikeHub Helping an Environmental NGO

Les frères Molcard are two french brothers who started a great adventure on the 1st of December 2018. Supported by VietNam BikeHub, they aim to cycle from Vietnam to France with an amazing cause in mind : planting 10 000 fruit trees for populations in-need along the way. They already planted 1 000 trees in six different orphanages in Kon Tum, Vietnam, distributed 123 packages of seeds and established 2 vegetable gardens on the way. Currently in Vientiane, Laos, they took the time to tell us more about their journey:

“After 1200km, the bikes are all good. For the moment, we are in Vientiane, Laos until January 2019.
So far, it has been a great adventure!

In terms of physical conditions, even though we were not used to cycle that much before, it is feasible. We bike on average 85 km per day, some days 60, some days 110. We just had two big cycling challenges along the way so far with difficult climbs. One day, we had to face a 2000m climb, pretty much 65km just climbing, trust me the next day we could feel it!

Traveling by bicycle has so many advantages that we did not know about! It enables us to take the time, to travel slowly, to see all things in details, share with the locals and understand more the culture. We have noticed that the locals’ perception of us is completely different as they see us traveling by bicycle. We traveled by motorbike before where we are just one of the tourists but by bycicle it is different. For instance, we got to sleep in many temples. People welcome us with open arms because they consider that we deserve it after all our efforts to get there. Plus, except the equipment at the beginning, traveling by bicycle has almost no costs!

See you on the road!

Joseph & Raphael”

VietNam BikeHub wishes all the best for the brothers’ next adventures in 2019 and will keep you updated on their project!

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